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Well done once again.

This is so much cooler when you're actually Chinese. While providing really good humor, this is informative to those who might not know much about Chinese and it's also very interesting. Great job.

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Brilliant animation

How the things would transfer from one form to another was extremely creative and very well done. You have some mad skills.

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One of the best animations ever

This was absolutely amazing. This animation is brilliant, well animated, immensely creative, and has an excellent concept. Also, the ending after the credits was beautiful. Everything was so great. Thank you Terkoiz, for being my inspiration.

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The first one was already very interesting, and you've done an awesome job adding more stuff to it with details and making it more incredible. One of the coolest things I've seen. Also, never knew the Minecraft World would be bigger than all of our planets except Neptune and Jupiter.

A very unique and interesting game

I've spent my last few hours being OCD with the upgrades. At first, the game was extremely annoying, and seeing how the game become better by upgrades was quite satisfying.

Also, have a spare pair of pants ready when you click the Game Medals upgrade.

I seriously hate you for that.

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Probably the best flash game to date

The battle system is really good. I also like those dialogue boxes you put on top of the screen during the battle. They were amusing. The music was really great too.

I actually had more fun playing this than playing RPGs that are often gamer favorites.

Natalie has beautiful b-

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One of the coolest songs I've ever heard.

Great job getting Score Rank #1, and this song is fit for it too. You've been for a long time one of my favorite music artists with your extremely cool video game style of music, but you threw in really great ideas in this song. When I listen to music, my favorite songs have good melody, cool depth or manipulation in sound, and awesome percussion, and this song satisfies all three of those. Keep it up. :)

Your stuff is awesome man.

When I heard Run Away, which is now one of my favorites, I started keeping track of the stuff you make. You're a great electronic artist. This song has great drums, good pacing, and really cool sound with a lot of depth. Keep it up.

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Haha that was awesome.

That was so powerful. Your throat must've been killing you after wards.

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